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She Chose Love | About
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Hello beautiful one!

Thanks for being here.

My coaching skills came about as I edit an online magazine for global women by global women and through it I’ve had the pleasure to meet and interview entrepreneurial women, all over the world.



From women that are high level executives, to Emmy award-winning artists or women in tech. Women that live in Sydney, in Hong Kong or New York. It doesn’t matter- even though outwardly we might be thriving, most of us have suppressed desires that we want so badly but feel powerless to make happen.


If you’ve wanted something for years without success and feel bogged down by your business, I’m here to tell you to STOP trying to achieve it on your own and STOP just ‘hoping’ the change you want happens.


Whether it’s creating meaningful change in your business, lifestyle, career or schedule, most entrepreneurial women have the same stumbling blocks (that keep them stuck in the same crazy-making cycle for YEARS!)


They look a little like:


1. No clarity. The more clear you are of your deepest desires, the more you prioritize them and the more success you will have. Period.


2. No fresh perspective. Let me guess, you just rinse and repeat with the same old colleagues and advisors, while keeping your deepest fears to yourself? This makes challenges feel lonely, overwhelming & confusing to overcome.


3. Being too independent. Sorry to kill the whole Beyonce vibe but very few (if any) create big changes alone. Most women spend a lifetime trying, and failing, to solve their own issues, when support was right there all along.


If you are drawn to this work, I truly believe it’s your time to raise your game and stop fooling yourself that your deepest desires don’t matter when they do. It’s your time to focus on you and your business in new, more empowering ways.


Are you ready to stop hiding out by being busy with the same old stuff and start going for the changes you really want? I know you’ve got this in you, beautiful.



Come fly with me…



S xoxo




is for high achieving women who feel stuck and unable to create the changes they most want.


While the world has woken up to the fact that nutrition and exercize are key to living our best life, it’s missed the sneaky culprit that holds us back most of all: our own inner voice…


All the tools and resources on this site are designed to improve your sense of self, get you out the day-to-day rut and help you consciously choose where to focus.


Are you ready to become the woman you were born to be? It’s time to show up in a more meaningful way.


Editor and Founder of The Chosen Club, Suzi Boyle has worked with high-achieving women all over the world. From her first job, working behind the scenes at The Elle Style Awards, to today working with small one women founder teams or high level professionals to carve out their highest vision of success.


After speaking with hundreds of women and female-led companies, she began to notice most women, while nailing in some areas, were unable to create meaningful changes in others.


Why? Most lacked a crystal clear vision of their most important goals and values and were scared to invest in getting the support they deeply needed to move forward.


After hearing about so many women’s struggles, feeling like they were unable to create the breakthroughs or life changes that would make them happiest, she devised a system to help women get out the rut, move into their power and actually live their best self.