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She Chose Love | Website
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She Chose Love is a coaching initiative started by Suzi Boyle, designed for women with personal brands. Learn to set yourself free from being ‘crazy busy’ and instead shine to your full potential. 


Suzi is Founder & Editor of The Chosen Club and has amazing industry experience, from starting out with global brands like Net-A-Porter and The Elle Style Awards to speaking with hundreds of small one women founder teams. 


From it, she’s found that nearly all high-performing women have the same pitfalls and the same stumbling blocks keeping them stuck ‘trying’ to be successful but never really ‘feeling’ successful. And it’s for none of the reasons you think…

Are you ready to fly with wings instead of weights? If you want to go to the next level and create a crystal clear vision + strategy for your ultimate success, enter your email below for your chance to win a free breakthrough clarity session.


She Chose Love is a series of mindset tools + resources by business coach & editor of The Chosen Club, Suzi Boyle.

Designed for female founders, this work empowers women to stop ‘being busy’ and create a life that enables them to shine to their full potential.

It is founded on the belief that collaboration and support is the fastest, most effective way to create the best version of you!


I’m Suzi.


I edit an online magazine for global women by global women and through it I’ve learned a lot about us.


What amazed me the most is the number of high achieving women all over the world who look like they have it all together, and do in some areas, but in others feel so much shame and tension that they’ve fallen behind of where they should be right now.


At first I thought it was just me, but when women- everywhere- who I thought were brilliant, talented and bad ass began confessing they felt like failures or frauds or like someone was about to pull the rug out from under them, something clicked.


I began to deeply study the mindset behind success, and saw the more isolated we become, the more we are filled with self-doubt.


I now love nothing more than to help talented women shine to a whole new level in their work (imperfect and proudly so!)